Our lifestyle is rapidly moving, and are in need of hands-free devices. The problem is wireless headphones connect bluetooth with your mobile device. The target audience of 18-30 year olds male and female, primarily college students listen to music.


Today, mobile devices are stolen and lost, which brings problems for users to connect their wireless headphones.To design a wearable device that would sync with users headphones. This will create a friendly-user experience to control sound settings with your smart watch.

Music is Life!

The concept of the AirTone is to allow users to control their music to any device that has bluetooth. From surround sound, mobile, and automobiles. AirTone app allows the users to enjoy their favorite music and adjust audio with the device.


Mind Flight: Color Scheme

Blue color schemes represent calmness and responsibility. Light blues emphasizes freshness and friendliness. Dark blues are more strong and reliable. I focused on cool colors because that evokes peace and spirituality, which ties to the concept of the AirTone.

  • RGB

    HEX: #4C5973

  • RGB

    HEX: #AECCF2


Focus is on a grid that provides foundation and balance for the user and works with other key design principles. The goal is to ensure that the content is easy to understand and to highlight specific areas of hierarchy in every layout.



Using Invision to create the prototype for Airtone.

AirTone Creative Process

Research. Plan. Execute. Creative thinking involves problem solving. The difference between creative thinking, logical, or practical thinking is that you often look at the problem from an unorthodox perspective and your thoughts are less structured.
Check out the creative process for AirTone!

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