Public experience is limited in Mexico City. Those with higher income have access to European exhibits, which are not open to the public. Museo Soumaya shows European artwork, but people are not aware that it is free. The current website is difficult to navigate, which doesn't allow users to understand what the museum offers.


To redesign Museo Soumaya's website by adding a new navigation such as exhibitions, collections, donations, events, academic programs, and services pages to help promote the museum. The goal is to highlight the art exhibits, major events, and activities that are free to the public.

Logo Design Concept

Non-traditional Mexico. The museum contains the world's largest collection of European artwork from artists Van Gogh, Matisse, Dali, and more. It is the only free museum in Mexico City that has a collection of 66,000 pieces from Europe.


Color Scheme

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  • RGB

    RGB: #2f2f2f

  • RGB

    RGB: #8dccaf

Creative Process

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Museo Soumaya Creative Process

Research. Plan. Execute. Creative thinking involves problem solving. The difference between creative thinking, logical, or practical thinking is that you often look at the problem from an unorthodox perspective and your thoughts are less structured.
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